Are you ready to completely crush the video content game?

The Paige Media video production team is the number to call. Yeah, we know how to make a great-looking video with flawless audio. Yeah, we know how to frame a shot. Yeah, we can whip out a drone and get some gorgeous overhead shots. But your video content isn't about that; it's about you! Scroll down to learn more about our signature process in getting to know what kind of video is best suited for you.


STEP ONE: plan

The video production process starts with an in-depth assessment of your personal brand and your BIG goals with video content.

Do you want to be the next Oprah and host a network show?

Do you want to be the biggest comedy sensation on YouTube and star in your own feature film?

Do you want to get paid to travel the world and share your experience through Instagram stories?

Video content can take on many shapes and forms. That's why we cater all of our video production shoots to your specific goals. We'll develop a plan that outlines exactly how we are going to create your content, and usually that means making not just one video, but an entire treasure chest full of video content that you can roll out with consistency. 



STEP TWO: produce

Shoot day is like a school field trip; you'll look forward to it,  you probably won't be able to sleep the night before (although we highly recommend that you do), and you'll get out of doing homework's shoot day! From makeup and location to lunch breaks and props, everything is scheduled down to the minute. There's a lot to get done, and we've got your back. You show up, do what you do best, and we'll take care of everything else, including editing your footage to give it that professional Paige Media sparkle. 


STEp three: implement

You have your what? First, get them out of your Google Drive folder! They don't belong there. Videos belong where they're happiest: on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter; all the places where people can see them. 

This is when we go back to your plan and make sure you've got the tools to really grow and engage your audience with your videos. We'll coach you through exactly what you need to do with your videos to make a massive impact with your brand. 


What can you get out of a single shoot day? Well, that depends on what you're looking to accomplish. Here are just a few examples of the content we've generated out of our VIP shoot days:

  • Your next video course + a sales video to go with it
  • A gorgeous brand video that tells your story and melts people's hearts + a shortened teaser video for social
  • Social media content for up to three months, formatted for Instagram and Facebook
  • The next six month's worth of newsletter content
  • A series of testimonial videos from happy clients
  • Enough how-to videos to kick your YouTube channel into high gear
  • An opt-in video series to nurture your mailing list
  • A video podcast series
  • Videos for every stage of the sales funnel

Production Packages

We are currently taking on VERY LIMITED production clients. Please contact us directly if you're interested, and we'll see if it's a good fit.

Video production minimum: $20,000