VIDEO editing

You need more time in the day and you're missing out on beauty sleep!

Why are you still editing your own videos when we can do it better and faster? Our team of professional editors will give you your time back. No more staying up until 4am to edit your video content. We won't allow it! We're your behind-the-scenes video editing team, making the process so seamless that you may even forget we're here



STEP one: get to know you

Video content is THE tool to build your personal brand. Your videos should reflect your personality and all the fiery passion you throw into everything you do. You need an editor that totally gets that vibe. 

A great video editor is a great storyteller first and foremost. So the first step of our process is getting to know your story. You'll fill out a questionnaire that helps us get to know who you are, and from there we'll match you with one of our awesome video editors. Our matching process pairs you with an editor that is the perfect fit for your specific style and story.


STEp two: video editing magic

Once you're matched with the perfect editor, you can start sending over your raw footage. We crank it through our sleek and sexy editing machines, infuse your personality, add a touch of love, and send back your first draft within 72 hours. 

Need revisions? Totally cool! The final product should be something you absolutely LOVE. Send us a list of revisions and we'll get that to you within 24 hours. 

Done and done! Your videos are good to go. Post them to your favorite platforms and wait for your audience to swoon over your content. 


what's included

  • Monthly accountability call (to keep us all on the right track)
  • Ongoing video coaching
  • Simple data transfer process
  • Organizing your raw footage
  • Cutting together the gems from your raw footage 
  • Adding text (in your font and colors) and emojis (if you're an emoji kind of person)
  • Adding transitions, intros, outros, and endcards
  • Audio cleaning
  • Music
  • Basic color grading
  • Up to five hours of editing time
  • Rinse and repeat monthly

Editing Packages

The Warm-Up

One Video/Month


Crank it Up

two Videos/Month


High Gear

four Videos/Month