Paige is not only an entertaining storyteller, she understands the process of creating a story in order to convey a compelling message. Going through Paige’s process with her in order to become clear about the story I wanted to tell about my business was enlightening to say the least. Not only did I get an awesome finished product I love on my website I also walked away from the experience learning a lot about myself and what I want my business to grow into. I credit Paige, her process, and the strategy help she provided to the growth of my business. The cherry on top is that she is an absolute bright delight to be around!
— Brittany Crosby, founder at The Co Pilates
Paige was an essential partner on my journey. She understood my goals and knew how to guide me, technically and strategically. She filled in my knowledge gaps, and was always an inspiration! I feel so fortunate to have connected with her.
— Judith Gordon, LeaderESQ
I didn’t want my videos to be about another tutorial you see on YouTube. I wanted it to be about me and what makes my videos different. And she just got it!
— Deepica Mutyala, @deepicam
I am super happy with Paige Media’s services and I am so happy I was introduced to her! It has been a game changer for me. I used to edit my videos myself, and now I am able to create so much more content. It has also saved me a ton of time.
— Jess Franklin, @heygorjess
Paige Media will help you figure out exactly what your video needs to convey, maps out how to get there, and then deliver as promised. They make the process easy and simple and take away the worry.
— Pia Silva, @pialovesyourbiz
The team is professional, creative, prompt, and friendly. I loved that my project was being treated like a professional production. It helped me feel at ease and know that all the small details were handled. I know how many moving parts go into video production, and they handled all of them with grace.
— Jamie Jensen, founder of Story School

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