We’re well on our way into 2018 and it’s already flying by at lightning speed.

Remember all those goals you’ve been setting and working hard to achieve?

Oh yeah, video content is on that list. Because 2018 is your year for amping up your video content game. This is your year to be seen and heard and reach a massive audience with video.

But how do you even start?

You start right here.

With the video prep checklist. This is a comprehensive list of forty six things (yes, forty six) you should be doing before you press record. It covers everything from planning and strategy to finding the right team to help you pull off video content within your budget.

This checklist will be by your side during the entire planning process, guiding you through what you need to do:

  • Two Months Before Shooting

  • One Month Before Shooting

  • Two Weeks Before Shooting

  • One Week Before Shooting

  • One Day Before Shooting

  • The Morning of your Video Shoot

  • The Day After your Video Shoot

There are so many moving parts when it comes to creating video content. Take the guesswork out of it with this handy checklist.

Download the checklist here!

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