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Lights + Lenses

Auxiwa Clip on Selfie Ring Light


I love this little ring light because it has three different brightness settings. I can adjust the brightness based on the brightness of my environment. In addition to shooting video, I also love to use this ring light for video conferences. The ring light fits perfectly around your camera to add that little “diva” factor.


It’s important to charge the batteries fully before using. Otherwise, the light will fade on you fairly quickly. But that is the case with any portable light source you’ll use. You also don’t have the ability to adjust the color temperature; the light on the cooler side of color temperature. (Not sure what color temperature is? Check out my rap video all about it. And Subscribe!)

FUNIPICA Phone Camera Lens and Selfie Light


I own the pink, but this puppy is also available in mint green!


Besides being just the perfect shade of pink, this little gadget gives you a lot of options: you have two types of lenses as well as a light with several brightness levels AND three options for color temperature. It’s super sturdy and portable for all of your on-the-go video adventures.


The micro lens is SUPER micro, and I rarely ever use it. (Micro means very close-up shots)

Also, because the light doesn’t wrap around your camera lens (it sits above it), you don’t exactly get that “ring light” eye reflection magic that you’ll get with the previous light.


Lavalier Lapel Microphone


This mic is so easy to use! Plug it right into your headphone jack (or if you have the newer version of the iPhone, plug it into the adaptor), and you’re ready to start recording video. The quality is great for the price!

Your audience is willing to forgive bad video quality, but bad audio quality? Don’t even waste your time!


It’s big and you can see it. That’s my main complaint about any lav mic. I don’t LOVE that you can see these mics, mostly because it’s distracting and makes your video look more produced than on-the-fly. Also, you’re attached to your phone while you’re shooting. If you need to walk away for any reason, just remember to unclip it before something disastrous happens!

Rode VideoMic Me


This little gem is the most expensive product on this list, but let me tell you, it’s totally worth it! Unlike the lav mic this microphone will improve audio quality without being seen. It’s your secret video weapon for crushin’ the audio game. And to top it off, Rode is my all-time favorite company for audio products.


If you’re using an iPhone without the headphone jack, you’ll have a harder time with this mic. Also, if you move too far away or turn your head while talking, it may interfere with the audio levels. For this piece of equipment to work its magic, you need to be consistent with your distance from the phone and the direction you’re speaking.


JOBY GripTight GorillaPod


This thing is small enough to bring with you anywhere. The flexible legs make it easy to stand up on any surface or wrap around a tree branch or banister. Wherever you are, you can find a place to anchor this tripod and stabilize your iPhone! And it will work with all generations of iPhone.


I love JOBY as a company, but this tripod is a bit flimsy. It takes some adjusting before I can get it to the perfect position without falling over. Once it’s stable, shooting with it is a breeze!

Other gear you might want to consider

External Hard Drive

If you’re going to be shooting a lot more content (which I hope you do), your computer will not be able to handle all of the extra data. Pick up a good hard drive (quality is essential in this purchase) to store and organize your video files.

External Power Adaptor

There’s nothing worse than that low battery notification on your phone, especially when you’re in the middle of making a great video. It messes with the creative flow. Keep in mind that video can use up a LOT of battery life.  External battery to the rescue! You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration by slipping this little guy into your camera bag.

Selfie Stick


Despite its unfavorable reputation, the selfie stick is an awesome tool for content creation, especially if YOU are the center of your brand. It basically replaces having your own personal videographer following you around and allows you to record YOURSELF doing things from a generous distance.

Looking for more?

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