Top 5 Fitness YouTubers

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1. Lita Lewis

Fitness guru Lita Lewis moved to NY from Australia with two suitcases and not much else. She gave herself three weeks to get it together, but did not realized what that would entail. She experienced heartbreak, depression, corporate America, and what she calls a “matrix moment”. Lewis fought through it all with fitness and built a career out of it. Watch The Story of Lita Lewis: From Depression to Global Fitness Influencer to learn more. Lita’s YouTube channel primarily serves as fitness inspiration and #bodygoals, but she promotes self love over anything else. If you want to shed weight fast on a lazy girl diet, then this channel isn’t for you. If you want to learn how to accept yourself while putting in work then @FollowTheLitaTv.

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2. Megsquats

Megsquats is a powerlifting, rule breaking, badass woman! Through her channel you can follow her journey to powerlifting competitions, watch her tryout celeb inspired workouts, like this Trying Khloe Kardashian's Arm and Back Workout, and get some great lifting Do’s and Don’ts. Her videos focus on being strong and doing better each time! Meg is CEO of her own personal protein and apparel brand: Strong Strong friends. She is on a mission to make powerlifting as trendy as cycling. #LiftLikeAGirl

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3. fightforgrowth aka Sarah Ramadan

You might have seen her photos side by side on Instagram. They’re out of the ordinary before and after photos, but they tell the story of a young girl struggling with anorexia. Watch her Transformation Story: From Anorexia to Fitness to learn morel, but beware Sarah Ramadan is not your usual green tea sipping fitness guru. Her mission through social media has been to inspire young women (and men) to take control of their body image in a healthy and positive manner. Follow her journey through workouts and food challenged @fightforgrowth.

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4. Natacha Océane

Natacha Oceane takes you through her fitness journey through social media, but most importantly, Natacha teaches us how to eat and not freak out over calories! Have you ever stopped to think about whether you really knew how to eat? At the very least, you never thought you’d be learning how to eat, something you’ve been doing since forever, from a YouTube channel! But Natacha breaks down the essentials using science and personal experience. Learn How to Cut Effectively here. She speaks on her eating disorder and body image issues, as well as beginner’s fitness mistakes. Check her out and #LetsGetLean

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5. MassyArias

Massy Arias, AKA Mankofit, came to the United States at 13 years old from the Dominican Republic. Given her circumstances, Arias struggled with depression, as well as body image issues, from a young age. To see her journey watch The Story of Mankofit. She used fitness to get her back on track. She describes feeling addicted to the feeling of being active. She used this to fuel her passion for a healthier lifestyle and along the way accumulated a following. Arias focuses on black and Latino health trends. Her goal is to change the numbers and the future of the health of blacks and Latinos.