Top 5 Couples

The best part of YouTube is that you can always find a good channel to binge watch. Some channels are like uncensored reality tv shows. That's why we love these Top 5 couples on YouTube. They keep it alllllll the way real! From getting engaged to breaking up, from struggling to conceive and finally getting pregnant, these channels tackle all of the highs and lows couples go through. 

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1. KKandBabyJ

Keren and Khoa along with their two sons Jackson and Landon have 624k subscribers on YouTube. They met in HS and currently live in Orlando, FL. Their channel focuses on family like giving birth and baby’s firsts. Watch their YouTube vlogs for funny storytimes and what it’s really like to be a young couple.

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2. SidNDina

Sid and Dina are a young muslim couple based in the UK. Dina began her YouTube channel in 2011 and she focused on fashion and lifestyle. Her boyfriend started creating content afterwards.The two met while in college and recently became parents to a little girl Hana. Their channel has 322K subscribers who tune in to watch them discuss family, religion, and give advice. Together they tackle islamophobia, as well as parenthood.

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3. Fabian and Unique

Fabian and Unique, AKA 2OceansMeet, are an intercontinental, interracial couple. They have 30k subscribers who have become obsessed with their travel vlogs. This lovely couple met in Capetown, South Africa and have continued to travel the world since. Unique is from Chicago and Fabian is German. Watch their channel for mind blowing travel vlogs and funny storytimes.

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4. JamieAndNikki

Jamie and Nikki aren’t strangers to going viral. You might recognize them from their proposal video four years ago or perhaps more recently from their maternity photos. They have 1.2M subscribers and counting. They create daily life vlogs on parenting, travel, fashion and more.

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5. Estee Lalonde and Aslan

Our fifth cutest couple on YouTube is Estee Lalonde and her partner Aslan. Although Aslan is not a youtuber, Estee features him on her channel Everyday Estee where you can also meet her cute greyhound Reggie. She runs her own blog that features lifestyle and fashion tips along with with book lists and food recipes.