Top 5 Cooking Channel Videos

I'm horrible at cooking. I mean really suck at cooking, but I'd like to think it's because I never know where to start. It's hard enough picking a place to go out and now you want me to pick a specific dish to cook for dinner? That's why I like to play recipe roulette--I scroll with my eyes closed and which ever recipe I land on I make for dinner. That led me to compiling some of my favorite cooking channels. Some are just fun to watch and others I like to try out. 

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1, HoneySuckle Catering

Dzung Duong created Honeysuckle in 2009 after visiting a local food festival. She originally learned how to cook from her Vietnamese grandmother. The challenge that complex dishes presented led Duong to experiment with food on her own. Fast forward eight years and now you can follow along with Duong on YouTube. Duong creates holiday favorites, mouth watering desserts, drinks and much more. She also features grocery hauls and seasonal favorites. Her channel has evolved into a lifestyle and you can join in on the fun now too! #buzybeez

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2. Eat Now Cry Later

Sav found her cooking success four years ago on YouTube. Hailing from a large family of 9 with two hard working parents, Sav explains on her blog that home cooked meals were a rarity in her childhood. Her goal, as a mom, is to provide her children with a childhood she never had--which brings us to her decadent and varied cooking recipes. Sav has something for you whether you want to create indulgent pork buns or a vegetarian stir-fry.

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3. Sweet Simple Vegan

Sweet Simple Vegan is run by a vegan couple: Jasmine and Chris. Following a vegan lifestyle is often looked at as being limiting and complicated. Jasmine and Chris reverse that notion through their recipe videos. You can find something for every occasion through their channel including 3-ingredient vegan pancakes to Holiday recipes.

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4. Mary’s Test Kitchen

Woop-woop! Another vegan friendly youtube channel: Mary’s Test Kitchen. Mary takes us through her indulgent recipes, so you never have to miss out on those donuts or *air quotes* pork buns. Cooking healthy doesn’t have to be boring and Mary proves that in her channel.

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5. Binging with Babish

Andrew Rea blends his love for film and foods in those films on his YouTube channel: Binging with Babish. Oliver Babish, officially a character from West Wing and unofficially a Reddit alter ego for Andrew Rea, is our main facilitator in Binging with Babish. You can find moon waffles as seen on The Simpson’s, Chocolate cake inspired by Matilda, and so much more. This channel is your source to make your foody dreams come true.