Top 5 Travel Vlogs

This week we're talking travel vlogs! Vlogging can be tough and when you're new to the game you might even wonder where to even start? So I pulled some of my top five favorite travel vlogs. These vloggers all took the plunge when they started their journey and now they have countless of memories (and subscribers). Check them out below!

Sonia Gil vlogs about her traveling experiences and has even won a Webby award for it. She wants to find that special something in every place she visits. She vlogs about how to save up for travel, packing and travel tips, along with crucial health tips while traveling. Her videos are addicting and make you want to go out and explore on your own!
Chris Staudinger and Tawny Clark, or Captain and Clark, met on Kilimanjaro and have since then traveled the world together. They call themselves modern cartographers and shoot amazing videos to prove it. They explore culture, architecture, and food as they travel. Watching them makes me want to get on a plane RIGHT NOW!
Cailin O'Neil started her Travel Yourself journey back in 2009. And in case the title didn't give it away, she focuses on traveling solo. That's right. By herself! She talks tour highlights, travel how-to's and so much more on her youtube channel. Cailin has been a travel blogger/vlogger for more than eight years and she's visted 50+ countries. Take a look and you might find yourself dreaming about a solo trip!
Six years, 49 (and counting) countries, and 368,000 subscribers. Those are some pretty impressive stats for this YouTuber. Nadine Sykora talks the real deal behind traveling. From 20 trips to take in your 20s to top travel mistakes to avoid, her vlog is a go-to guide for travelers. She mixes humor and travel to bring her audience the best travel vlogs possible.
Christine Ka'aoloa is a solo travel blogger/vlogger. And she has seen it all! So how did she come to be a solo traveler? After being fed up with her travel itinerary (and after possibly being scammed) Christine decided to do it on her own. Christine uses her travel experiences to get over self-doubt and second guessing (which she says women are especially prone to). Christine keeps it real vlogging about quitting her life in New York to enduring travel scams in foreign countries.