Top 5 Inspirational Speakers

This week let's talk about positivity. How do we rewire ourselves to protect again negative self talk? Watch one of (or all of) our top 5 motivational speakers to find out. Each video takes a unique look at detrimental habits like negative thoughts or self sabotaging habits. The speakers focus on creating positive habits and self talk in order to combat those issues so that you can be the most efficient, and confident self, that you can be. 


1. Anne Mahlum

Anne Mahlum started her TEDx presentation breaking down her childhood for us. According to her at the age of 12 she visualized her entire life via pictures and notes in a box; she fit her whole future into a box. When her world turned upside down at the age of 16, she decided to deal with her family issues by blazing ahead (figuratively and literally). After achieving everything she had put into that box by the age of 24 she felt lost and paralyzed. So she quit her job and continued to do what she felt had helped her throughout her teenage years: running. Running taught her to take life one step at a time; additionally, it taught her that when you're told "There is no way that'll work" you must find a way to do so. Watch her TEDx talk to see exactly what we mean. 

2. Abria Joseph


Abria Joseph believes in self guarding yourself against negative self talk. From a young age he opted out of the norm. Instead of college ragers, he practiced yoga and mindfulness. This helped him form his three questions to reverse negative thoughts. Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it helping me live out my dreams? According to Abria, by answering these three questions whenever you do receive negative feedback or engage in negative feedback, you help yourself acknowledge the feedback without having it stop you. Negativity is something that we will have to deal with everyday--you can't simply dismiss it. Instead, you have to be able to acknowledge it and move on. Makes sense? Watch his talk here to dive deeper into what it means to live your passion regardless of those who tell you you can't. 


3. Emily Esfahani Smith

Emily Esfahani Smith's talk is by far my favorite out of this bunch. She argues that There's More to Life Than Happiness. According to research, people who chase happiness tend to be more depressed. Fulfillment has less to do with chasing what makes us happy and more with these four pillars: belonging, purpose, transcendentalism, and storytelling. The reason I love this talk more than the others is that it gives you four solid goals to achieve in order to improve your mental well being. In short she describes finding a community that likes you for your intrinsic self like networking amongst people who hold the same core beliefs and values as you; finding a way to serve others rather than yourself like joining a weekly volunteer group or holding a volunteer position; being connected to a higher reality like meditating or therapy sessions that help with mindfulness; finally creating a narrative that brings clarity by reflecting on life thoughtfully. These are four pillars that resonate with me and periods in my life that I felt the happiest. Take a look at her TEDx talk and let me know what you think! 


4. Eric Thomas

I first came across Eric Thomas as a teenager. At my first job ever, my manager burned a CD with motivational speeches for me to keep and listen to. Ever since then I've sought out Thomas's videos whenever I need that extra kick in the pants. He teaches self accountability (possibly the hardest skill out there) and pursuing your passion despite adversity. Thomas reminds me of that tough coach who helps harden you against the negativity of the world. He'll push you through situations that you're ready to give up in because if you keep going you'll find your reward at the end--whether that reward is the peace of mind knowing you did it or something more tangible. My favorite line from Thomas is, "You're already in pain, get a reward from it."  Popular amongst athletes, his motivational speeches extends beyond just sports and can be listened to by almost anyone. Eric Thomas was kicked out of his home at 17 and he spent time on the streets until he decided it was time to take control of his life. Now he travels internationally helping inspire the world's audience. 

5. Luvvie Ajayi


I love listening to Luvvie Ajayi because she focuses on breaking the mold. Having a voice is important, but more importantly, is using that voice. In 2017 we saw political events take place that spurred walk outs, boycotts, and heated discussions. I'd like to think the best skill we can take into 2018 is being unafraid to have those discussions and being unafraid to say, "That's wrong." Whereas the last four speakers focus on inner strength and inner peace, Ajayi focuses on outward confidence. Being confident in your opinion and being unafraid of speaking out. Ajayi struggled with being confident in her every day skills. She started writing in 2003 and didn't call herself a writer until 9 years later. Ajayi talks about risk taking and being unapologetic. Her tonality and storytelling will make you laugh, listen, and want to change. Watch her video and you'll leave feeling like a badass that can take on any challenge.