Top 5 Favorite YouTube Trailers

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1. Simone Giertz

Simone calls herself the queen of sh*tty (excuse my french) robots. Her projects focus on creating elaborate (and mostly failed) robots for every day processes. For example, you can find videos on robots that (just barely) apply lipstick. Simone is a kick-ass scientist with a knack for youtubing. Her channel trailer is a quick intro that let's you know exactly what you're in store for. Take a look at her channel and let us know what you think.

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2. Jennifer McGuire Ink

Crafting is one of those hobbies where talent is seriously undermined. And that can be a huge deterrent when you're brainstorming homemade gifts or deco. Which is why I love Jen's trailer! You don't have to watch for very long before she tells you, "this won't be easy...but" Jennifer McGuire Ink focuses on giving approachable techniques to crafts that can and will set you apart from your peers. 

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3. Travel In Her Shoes by Aggie Lal

We love a good travel vlog! But what sets one vlog apart from the other? A good trailer! On this channel, we spend less than a minute being introduced to Aggie Lal's adventures. Her trailer is quick and to the point. She tells us who, what, when, where and why within in the first ten seconds. We're then hit with amazing shots from the places she's been to. It's the perfect formula to attract viewers to her channel!

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4. Roberto Blake

What makes Roberto Blake a person you want advice from? His trailer might let you in on the reason why. He is a professional YouTuber who is on a mission to create and inspire. Therefore, it only makes sense that his trailer would let you in on the circles he runs in. Check out his channel for everyday inspo and great storytelling!

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5. Laura in the Kitchen

Last week we compared your channel to an ice cream shop and your trailer is a sample. Well on a cooking channel that might literally be the case. The first thing you lay your eyes on when you open up Laura's channel trailer is a mouthwatering piece of chocolate cake. Of course, I had to watch a tutorial on how it's made! Check it out here and let us what you think.