Top 5 YouTube Mom Vlogs

My mom is notorious for being on the phone for hours. To be honest she's an amazing story teller, so I'm not surprised that some of the best vlogs out there belong to moms! This week we gathered our favorite top five vlogs on YouTube (and coincidentally, they're our top five favorite moms on YouTube! Go moms!) 

1. Mommypotamus
Screen Shot 2017-12-21 at 11.22.52 AM.png
Growing up, my mom's go-to was ginger tea whenever someone felt sick. As a kid I hated it, but I grew to love my mom's remedies, which is why I love this blog; Heather Dessinger, mother of two, focuses on healing herself through natural remedies and dietary changes on her blog. On her site you can find all kinds of natural lotions and potions. You can also learn more about healing fertility issues, health issues and more the natural way. Seriously, who doesn't love a good health hack?
2. Scout The City
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Sai De Silva, mom to London Scout, lets us in on their travels, fashion and mommyhood. London Scout is a four year old model who can be seen alongside her mom in fashion campaigns. Sai De Silva blogs about being a mom, travel, and lifestyle. Watching them makes you feel like they were destined to strike a pose and snap a pic!
3. Britt's Space
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I love Britt’s space for showing us the less than perfect, but totally normal, family experience. Also known as the Null Nives, Britt's Space is a YouTube channel dedicated to giving you all of the highs (and lows) of raising a family. Brittany speaks on being an interracial family, divorce, co-parenting and more. You also get a look into the family’s travels, dating as a single parent, and getting fit. Britt's Space is a safep place that lets other moms (and dads) know, "You're not alone." This family has been on YouTube for over seven years and they are definitely binge worthy.
4. Dear Naptural85
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Whitney, creator of Naptural85, started her vlogging career in 2009 when she decided to post a video about her natural hair journey. 8 years later, she now vlogs about her family, lifestyle, and hair. Her channel Dear Naptural85 is dedicated her family life, but she doesn’t just vlog. Whitney and her husband Felipe do funny, relatable skits as they keep it real about ‘me time’ and parenting. We love a good skit at Paige Media! #MomsBeLike
5. Raven Elyse
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Raven Elyse is a 23 year old Texan mom who loves fashion, travel, home decor, and her adorable daughter, Ziya. Active since 2003, she focuses on tutorials, lookbooks, DIYs on the latest styles, home decor, skin care, and hair care. In addition, she talks about depression, introverts, and personal experiences like being a single mom. Of course, there are tons of cute mom vlogging videos with Ziya. We love Raven's honesty and focus and can't wait to see more content!