Top 5 Funniest Women on YouTube

This week we talked about being funny on video and how to hone in on your voice. Obviously, no one can teach you to be funny, but we can show you a couple of women who have a great grasp on it! We gathered our favorite five funniest women on YouTube. Check out their channels and let us know what you think. Who's your fav? 

Over 7 million Instagram followers, 12 million plus YouTube subscribers--and to think this all came about when Lilly Singh randomly decided, "I could do that." Lilly Singh is a must watch. She was finishing her psychology degree at York University when her career as a YouTube star took off. Her sense of humor led to millions upon millions of views, as well as brand sponsorships. She's also written a book titled: How To Be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life. We love a bad ass woman who isn't afraid to be funny.

You might recognize her name from Buzzfeed , but Michelle Khare went rogue and created her own YouTube channel recently. She is her own stuntwoman and shows us what it means to be a modern-day badass woman! Khare takes us on fitness adventures (training like Arya Stark hello!) and extreme hobbies like stunt driving. Khare also tests out less extreme challenges like drinking eight glasses of water a day and dragon frappucinos. Her sense of humor comes from trying out ridiculous things for the viewers' sake and we love anyone who's up to a good challenge!
Another big shot rogue from Buzzfeed (you may know her from the Ladylike series) is Safiya Nygaard. She created her own crazy content: wearing hairy swimsuits , dressing like store mannequins , and testing out whatever the Internet recommends to her. Her channel garners millions of views and she currently has around 3 million plus subscribers. We love her sense of humor and are addicted to her videos!
“She has over 40 million followers. Are you big enough for her?” That’s a direct quote from Liza’s latest Beats by Dre commercial. You might remember her as Lizzza on Vine (with 5 million followers, RIP Vine) or maybe you recognize her from YouTube (12 million subscribers, holla!) or maybe you watch her on Hulu’s new show Freakish (I could keep going). Either way, Liza Koshy has made a name for herself as a notable influencer in 2017. She is funny, unapologetic, and outrageous. Check out her 73 Questions With Vogue and see for yourself!
Khadi (pronounced like Katie) is no stranger to going viral. She's caught the attention of people like Mary J. Blige and she's been known to start Instagram and Vine trends. She originally made a name for herself through Vine and continued making content on YouTube after Vine's cancellation. Khadi Don will have you ROFL and maybe even trying out a video challenge or two.