who is paige?


Paige is a video strategist, director, producer, and content creator who loves to work on all side of the camera. Little Paige caught the filmmaking bug when she first picked up her dad's clunky Sony video recorder and started making music videos and "fake news reports" from her Baltimore living room (before fake news was a thing). 

The quest for great stories sent Paige on a journey around the world (literally) her sophomore year of college, where she spent a semester exploring ten different countries and falling in love with travel. After graduating from The University of Maryland, Paige moved to a small town in Japan to teach English. It was there that she began creating short-form travel videos to document her love of Japanese culture. 

After studying digital content creation at The Travel Channel Academy, she moved to New York City, and founded Paige Media as a way to combine her passion for storytelling with her desire to help other entrepreneurs. She has helped dozens of influencers and business owners find their voice and grow their influence through video. 

Paige now lives in Los Angeles, California and rarely is without her camera.